My best friend and I both have birthdays in June, which is a great time of year for hiking.  This year we decided to spend the night on top of Lakit Mountain in BC with our two wonderful puppies to celebrate our birthday’s.  You drive up this long, skinny path way up to the bottom of the trail and then hike to the top.  We decided to start later in the day to save the dogs from having to hike up in the June heat, I do believe this was the hottest weekend of the year.  This is a popular hike, and in preparation that the cabin at the top would be claimed, we packed a tent.  This hike is full of steep switch backs and with the overnight gear on our backs, this was a workout for sure!  We surprisingly made it to the top in an hour, we got up just in time to eat our dinner while watching the last of the sun set over Kimberly and Cranbrook, BC.  After reading some log books from the 70’s, watching the stars and getting a short sleep, we woke up to watch the sun rise and then made our way back down.  Here are a few photos from our celebration.