Tonight I walk into the back door after Storm and I finish our walk for the evening.  I take off my boots, jacket and Storms’s leash, then call to the cat.  I go upstairs put on some warm clothes, call to the cat.  Alex comes home after getting groceries and she comes prancing to the door.  I call her for a good 5 – 10 minuets and she doesn’t even come out of hiding.  He comes home after being gone 30 minutes and she greats him at the door.  I have accepted the face that she loves him more then she loves me, but I still think shes pretty freaking cute.  Here are some pictures of her on Friday after we celebrated Alex’s birthday with his family.  I have to say that night she was the most social I have seen here for any group of people.  Everyone seems to think her actions mean she is loving the new house and I do hope this place makes her a happier kitten.