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Hey there!
My name is Meagan, I am a quirky photographer who loves animals and nature.  I dream about living where the forest meets the ocean, where I can run with the deer, watch the birds, climb trees with the squirrels, float with the otters and dive deep into the wild blue with dolphins.

Until that day comes, I hang out here in Calgary taking pictures of my fur babies and take every chance I can to have mountain adventures!

What I love about photography is that photos are time capsules that can take me back to a memory, a moment, a feeling.  As I hold that photo in my hands I can remember how the wind made my hair dance, feel the warmth of the sun on my face.  I remember how time froze as I watched an eagle fly through the trees.

Hopefully, I can work with you and your family (fur babies included!) to capture your moments of love, laughter, passion and joy so that you can revisit them decades from now.


Email: meaganweatherbyphotography@gmail.com

Facebook: Meagan Weatherby Photography

 Instagram: Meagan Weatherby Photography


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